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IMG_8534Grace Pinegar left the comforts of Houston to begin journalism school in fall 2012, earning her Bachelor’s in December 2015.

From there, she headed to Chicago to pursue (and complete) the Conservatory Program at The Second City Training Center. While there, she picked up a small writing gig at G2, which has both challenged and sustained her for the past three years.

Feeling like her Chicago thirst had been quenched, she packed up and moved to Queens, New York in March of 2019, where she now resides with her dog, Sullivan.

Pinegar can be found exploring various coffee shops as she works remotely, or auditioning for any performance opportunity she can get her hands on. Whether it’s improv, industrials, student films, feature films, or commercial shoots; she wants in.

Pinegar is a creative mind with a passion for people, performance, and storytelling and is, of course, consistently open to the possibility of appearing in Hamilton. If you’re the right person for that (or any of the aforementioned creative projects), don’t be shy.

Let’s get in touch!

Email: gpinegar27@gmail.com

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