Sunday Scaries: 5 Ways to Cope With That Frightful Feeling

At some point in the past ten years, Sundays became scary. And I don’t mean “spoopy” scary, as in cartoon ghouls and the 12-foot skeleton at Home Depot. I mean that every Sunday as the weekend winds down, I begin to feel a looming sense of dread, which grows larger as the day goes on,... Continue Reading →

Minding my Body, Continuing Thoughts on Confidence

I've written about my body a few times in blogs and countless times in journals. I sign off each new body dialogue thinking, "Phew, so glad I'm finally healed. How good it does feel to be over this thing that has weighed on me since middle school." But I'm not over it. I'll never be... Continue Reading →

When Home is Hurting

We first evacuated from a hurricane in August, 2005. I was 11 years old and gearing up to start the sixth grade. We’d recently pierced my ears at Claire’s; a heroic gesture from parents who allowed me to start junior high with earrings as opposed to making me wait until the age of 12. We... Continue Reading →

We Work it Out

I believe it is important to take silent moments to reflect on our current place in life, which I do most clearly through writing. Since moving, I’ve reflected maybe twice, and only at the in between. I’ve stared at the skyline on the morning metra and felt warm disbelief at the place I get to call... Continue Reading →

Seventeen Again, and Again, and Again

It took more than a year in Missouri for us to find Meagan. I was with my Sarah, riding bikes around campus on a cool summer evening when we saw a familiar couple who looked as though they could have been having a private disagreement. Appropriately, we approached. Sarah previously knew Meagan and had been... Continue Reading →

The ‘Uproot & Scoot’ Boogie

This Tuesday marked my two-week anniversary of living in Illinois. Saying that makes me feel like a middle school girl gushing about her first ‘real’ boyfriend; the one she’s afraid to kiss and can’t accompany bowling unless her entire geography class is present. (Sidenote: I never had a middle school boyfriend. I did, once, sneeze-fart... Continue Reading →

What they don’t tell about 22

Twenty-two feels a way I never could have imagined, despite the cutesy, girly-pop lyrics that promised I’d be alright so long as I never stop dancing. It feels like the freedom to do as I please, being old enough to master a metro map and young enough to make plans without having to consider a... Continue Reading →

Revising my Role

If you’ve known me for any length of time in excess of twenty minutes, you have either heard or speculated that I was involved in high school theatre. I was.   The all-encompassing process for an amateur production is more demanding than one might expect. You audition. You judge your audition, hate your audition, cross... Continue Reading →

A Belaboring Belieber

I never fangirl’ed. Not for Britney Spears, nor NSYNC, nor for my truest of loves, Keith Urban. I was never sobbing with poster board on the crowded side of a well-guarded gate while Du Jour* gave a post-flight performance. That’s not to say I don’t love 90s songs or lose myself in dance when ‘Pop’... Continue Reading →

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