Actor’s Resume

Grace Pinegar                                                                             5’6” / Curvy

*please email to obtain my phone number                                                 Soprano


A Sketch of New York            Sketch Characters          Public Theatre/d. Joe DiNozzi

Island of Misfit Noise              Sketch Characters          The Second City/d. Jen Ellison

A Journey Through Time       Sketch Characters         The Second City/d. Claire Noone

Trick or Teat                                     Casey                Rhynsburger Theatre/d. Brad Stephenson

Bright Ideas                                   Ensemble              Corner Playhouse/d. Brad Stephenson

Little Women                                  Josephine              Charger Theatre/d. Mark Stonebarger

Our Town                                       Mrs. Gibbs              Charger Theatre/d. Mark Stonebarger

Grapes of Wrath                            Ensemble               Charger Theatre/d. Mark Stonebarger

By the Bog of Cats                    Monica Murray           Charger Theatre/d. Mark Stonebarger

Guys and Dolls                      General Cartwright          Charger Theatre/d. Mark Stonebarger


Drug Free                                       Partygoer                  The Cubed Effect/d. Drew Frater

CSOD (Industrial)                            Annie        Cornerstone on Demand/d. David Kowarsky


Meisner Acting Class Steve Perlmutter

Upright Citizens Brigade Improv 101, 201, 301

The University of Missouri, Columbia Bachelor of Journalism and minor in French

The Second City Training Center Improv for Actors 1—Asher Perlman

Improv for Actors 2—Jay Steigmann

Conservatory Program

Vagabond School of the Arts On-Camera Acting, Michael McCracken

Dramatic Improv Workshop Law Tarello and Dave Quiñones

On the Spot Productions Spring Show Workshops

Official Dance Team Hip Hop Dance Performance

Kennedy Dance Theatre Jazz & Hip Hop

Kelley Van Slooten & Carolyn Brady Riley Vocal Training


Various accents upon request

French language


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